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Data for Nutrition Public Launch

Over the past several months, DataDENT has been coordinating the Data for Nutrition (DfN) Community of Practice—a free, online platform that provides members with opportunities to share knowledge, experience, and questions relevant to strengthening the nutrition data value chain at all levels for the purpose of achieving better nutritional outcomes in low- and middle-income countries. Today, we are excited to share the announcement of the community’s public launch taking place on March 16th.

We encourage you to share news of the public launch on Twitter by following and retweeting @Data4Nutrition or tagging Data for Nutrition in your own tweet. 

On Monday, join the DfN community for the Moderated Topics event “Maternal iron supplement data: Quality and use” Within the event, members can participate in a discussion of iron-folic acid measurement led by Sara Wuehler (Nutrition International) through March 27th. You can join the upcoming discussion and view the previous discussion, “Quality of anthropometric measurements taken in the field: From ideal to the real”, by visiting Events within the Moderated Topics group. 

In addition to moderated discussions, the DfN community hosts quarterly webinars. You can view a recording of the “New data for nutrition: Updates to the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS)-8 Questionnaires” hosted in December 2019 by visiting the event in the Webinars group or by streaming the recording here.

Looking for a quick way to get started with Data for Nutrition? Introduce yourself to the community in the Introductions group. 


Learn more about Data for Nutrition at 

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