Data for Decisions to Expand Nutrition Transformation (DataDENT) is a four-year initiative (2017-2021) that aims to transform the availability and use of nutrition data by addressing gaps in nutrition measurement and advocating for stronger nutrition data systems.

Nutrition data is fragmented

High-quality and relevant nutrition data is needed to understand progress towards reducing malnutrition and reaching nutrition targets. However, nutrition data systems are fragmented and incomplete in low- and middle-income countries. This makes it difficult for governments, development partners, and other nutrition stakeholders to access and use data to monitor ongoing efforts and allocate resources.

challenges exist across the nutrition data value chain

Challenges exist at each link in the nutrition data value chain, which currently fails to capture the complex, multisectoral causes of and responses to malnutrition. Increasing the availability and use of relevant nutrition data helps support evidence-based decision-making.

How we address gaps in the nutrition data value chain

Track priority indicators

Compiling data and tracking a set of nutrition indicators in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and India, and select regions, and identifying ways to promote indicator uptake and meet decision-maker needs through effective data visualization tools.

Advocate for better coordinated data systems

Engaging technical and policy audiences around data systems for nutrition and developing technical products that support the data value chain. Examples include convening nutrition measurement experts and data users to develop guidance on household survey design and innovative nutrition coverage indicators.

Conduct targeted research

Advancing innovations in measuring the reach of nutrition interventions and advocacy.

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