Compendium of Nutrition Intervention Coverage Indicators & Questions for Household Surveys

Compendium | PDF 1591KB

Date of Publication | August 2021

Building on a set of indicators for direct (i.e. “nutrition-specific”) intervention coverage proposed by Gillespie et al., the Compendium provides indicator definitions and accompanying questions for nutrition interventions across the maternal, newborn, and child health continuum of care. The Compendium’s content is primarily sourced from global household survey programs (e.g. Demographic Health Surveys [DHS]; Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys [MICS]), but also reflects findings from recent research on how to improve question validity. The Compendium aims to help stakeholders implementing standalone nutrition surveys or seeking to incorporate more nutrition indicators into multi-topic surveys.

Suggested Citation:

Compendium of Nutrition Intervention Coverage Indicators & Questions for Household Surveys. Baltimore: Data for Decisions to Expand Nutrition Transformation (DataDENT), 2021.

Compendium Tabulation Plan | XLSX 469KB

Date of Publication | September 2021

This spreadsheet includes model tables for all Compendium indicators. 

Comparison of Indicators in Compendium & Global Monitoring Frameworks | XLSX 53KB

Date of Publication | July 2021

This spreadsheet compares indicators/indicator definitions proposed in the Compendium with indicators/indicator definitions used in global monitoring frameworks. Global monitoring frameworks included in this mapping: (1) Global Nutrition Monitoring Framework; (2) Global Nutrition Report; (3) Scaling Up Nutrition Monitoring Evaluation and Learning; (4) USAID Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy Monitoring & Learning Plan; (5) WHO Nutrition Landscape Information System (NLiS); and (5) Countdown to 2030.

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