Global Nutrition Data Visualization Tools – User Research

R4D conducted interviews with 31 individuals from 22 global and regional organizations to explore how global and regional nutrition stakeholders are engaging with global nutrition data visualization tools (DVTs). Study respondents represented civil society organizations, donors, regional bodies, academia, and United Nations agencies. The interviews solicited feedback on: i) experience with specific global nutrition data visualization tools (DVTs), ii) aspects liked and disliked in existing global nutrition DVTs, iii) specific contexts in which organizations used global nutrition DVTs, and iv) challenges with and recommendations for the broader nutrition data value chain.

The PowerPoint presentation and brief summarize the methods and study findings.

This study complements the global DVT landscaping study conducted in 2018. A key conclusion from this analysis was that DVT producers need a strong engagement plan to entice their target audience to use their tools. Findings are available here

Recommendations for best practices and lessons learnt have been synthesized from several DataDENT workstreams on DVTs in nutrition at the global and country levels. Combined recommendations are available here.

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