How Can We Realise the Full Potential of Health Systems for Nutrition?

Manuscript |

Date of Publication | September 2020

Key Messages: 

•  Most essential nutrition interventions are delivered through health systems

• Global movements to scale up effective nutrition interventions and achieve universal health coverage have not been connected to help each realise their full potential

• Scaling up nutrition interventions among those who are already reached by health services is an important first step for accelerating progress

• Other countries can learn from the experience of those that seem to be on track to achieving universal health coverage for specific health services and nutrition interventions

• We need to deal with the widespread gaps in data on the coverage of nutrition
interventions if we want to monitor progress and achieve universal coverage

Suggested Citation:

Heidkamp R AWilson EMenon PKuo HWalton SGatica-Doma­nguez G, et al. How can we realise the full potential of health systems for nutrition? doi:10.1136/bmj.l6911. 

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