Using routine data for nutrition
accountability: Experience from the Nigeria
Governors’ Forum Nutrition Scorecard

ENN Field Exchange English  

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Date of Publication |  April 2022

Key messages:
• The Nigeria Governors’ Forum scorecard is presented to the Governors semi-annually and so to ensure updated information, nutrition outcome indicator data is drawn from HMIS/DHIS2 reports.
• In this article, we describe the challenges encountered in the process of using HMIS/DHIS2 indicators, namely the absence of data on community-level nutrition services, the lack of age-disaggregated data to estimate denominators, data quality issues, and the delay in printing and distribution of updated registers and reporting forms that include new nutrition indicators.
• While these challenges are not unique to Nigeria, we share our experiences and provide recommendations to encourage further investment in monitoring, especially for data quality improvement
and to encourage the use of routine data.

Suggested Citation:

Abduwahab A, Rana Y, Sadik O, Snead C, Agi G, Dongo G, Oreh C, Heidkamp R. Using routine data for nutrition accountability: Experience from the Nigeria Governors’ Forum Nutrition ScorecardENN Field Exchange2022; 367.  

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