Using Tableau Public to Visualize Nutrition Data

The purpose of this Tableau Public tutorial is to demonstrate how Tableau Public can be easily used to make four types of data visualizations with nutrition data. This tutorial is a follow-up to DataDENT’s Together for Nutrition West African Data Forum skills building session “Making better figures: visualizing data for different audiences” led by Tricia Aung and Youssouf Keita.

What is Tableau Public?

• Tableau is a popular data visualization program used broadly by individuals in many different fields. Tableau has a drag-and-drop interface and requires no coding.

• Tableau makes several products including Tableau Public, which is free. Tableau Public allows users to create data visualizations that can be easily shared on the web and available for download.

• Tableau Public is similar to Tableau Desktop (which costs a fee to use), however, Tableau Public only allows users to save workbooks to an online Tableau Public account.

Getting Started with Tableau Public

1. Go to the Tableau Public website ( Enter your email address and click “Download the App.”

2. Install the Tableau Public app and set up an account.

Links to Tutorials

Click on links below to access individual tutorials.

Dot Plot/Equiplot [link to tutorial]
Dumbbell Plot [link to tutorial]
Lollipop Plot [link to tutorial]
World Map [link to tutorial]

If you have any questions about these tutorials or would like to share your Tableau Public creations, please contact Tricia Aung ( Tableau also offers several Tableau Public tutorials here.

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